We offer gas air heaters with 3 powers of 18, 26 and 45 kW. Ours gas radiant heaters can be supplied with liquid gas (LPG) or with natural gas.

Our heaters have CE certificates issued by the Certigaz European certification body.


In the case of heating industrial and commercial buildings, no device works as well as GH gas air heaters. They are used for heating closed rooms. Gas air heaters quickly increase the temperature in the interiors, depending on their size and insulation condition. They are economical. Modern technologies were used in their construction, affecting not only their efficiency, but also safety of use. This allows the use of gas heaters in all types of buildings, as well as areas where it is desirable to quickly warm up the air.

Features and advantages of using our devices

  • They operate independently of each other therefore system is very flexible,
  • Suspended gas heaters save space in the buildings, because they are wall-mounted,
  • They are easy to install and their operation is hassle-free,
  • During summertime they can be used for efficient ventilation of the building,
  • They have low thermal inertia,
  • They are a precaution during the heating failure, protecting central heating system against freezing,
  • Their price, installation, and exploitation are low-cost, in comparison to traditional systems,
  • They are characterized by high efficiency and reliability, also in intensive use,
  • They are controlled by an electronic thermostat

Our heaters have CE certificates issued by the Certigaz European certification body.

Product catalog

Technical specification

GasNatural gas / LPGNatural gas / LPGNatural gas / LPG
Nominal power18,8 kW26,1 kW39,5 kW
Air consumption1500 m3/h2500 m3/h4500 m3/h
Air discharge4 m6 m10 m
Gas pressure17 mbar / 37 mbar17 mbar / 37 mbar17 mbar / 37 mbar
Weight45 kg55 kg80 kg
Size55 x 69 x 45 cm59 x 89 x 53 cm100 x 70 x 54 cm
Exhaust outlet6 cm10 cm10 cm
Air intake10 cm15 cm15 cm
Thermal efficiency83%83%83%
Electric power230 V~/1A230 V~230 V~
Gas inlet1/2 “1/2 “1/2 “
Noise level 45 dB45 dB45 dB

Air inlet/exhaust outlet. Designed for our unit heaters GH0618 and GH0825. Air diameter 10 cm, exhaust 6 cm. Length 110 cm.

Gas air heaters Air inlet/fume outlet
Air inlet/fume outlet