The 25 kW gas air heater GH0825 with flue gas discharge is designed for heating medium and large rooms. Thanks to the fan, it allows for quick distribution of heat around the room. It has exhaust exhaust, it can take in the combustion air from the room, or from the outside.
It is equipped with automation that allows it to be connected to the BMS (building management system) system. It can be controlled by an electronic thermostat that will turn the heaters on and off at certain times.

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gas air heater with fumes outlet

The gas unit heater has air intake from the inside or outside of the building. The SIT gas valve is equipped with a thermocouple and a remote control.

Technical data GH0825

Gas typeNatural gas / LPG
Nominal power26,1 kW
Gas consumption2,6 m3/h / 1,5 kg/h
Gas pressure17 mbar / 37 mbar
Weight55 kg
Size [height/widht/depth]59 x 89 x 53 cm
Chimney diameter [ outlet]10 cm
Thermal efficency83%
Gas inlet1/2 "
Electric power230 V~