Cooling pads are made of paper, one of the ingredients of which is cellulose. The principle of operation of cellulose pads is simple and consists in using the natural cooling process by evaporating water. This process is called vaporization. The forced air flow through the cellulose inserts in the water cooling walls in combination with the high temperature causes the water to evaporate . The insert cools the temperature of the air taken from the outside by 6-12 ° C, while moisturizing and purifying the air. The panels have a protective coating thanks to impregnation with resins. Impregnation provides high absorbency and resistance to damage caused by natural factors. Cellulose inserts are resistant to: shrinkage, damage due to the action of “UV” rays, fungi, bacteria and algae.
They contain biocides and antibacterial substances in cellulose fibersThe use of cellulose pads in coolers or vaporizers ensures fresh air with an ideal level of moisture, thanks to which the body is fully protected against drying of mucous membranes , which is hazardous to health.

Cellulose cooling panels are used in many large-capacity facilities. They are used both as water walls in large facilities as well as as inserts for cooling devices such as coolers, chillers or evaporative air conditioners. The inserts are used as water walls in facilities such as warehouses, production halls, chicken coops, greenhouses, public buildings or as exchangers of inserts in vaporizers in apartments or single-family houses.

Cooling pads are cheap to use, easy to install and ecological. Keeping the panels clean does not require specialized equipment and is very simple. The cleaning process of the cooling pads can be carried out with an ordinary cloth that will help remove dust and dirt from the cellulose insert.

Honeycomb structure

Application of cooling pads:

  • cooling cartridge for the evaporative air conditioner,
  • water cooling wall in the henhouse, greenhouse,
  • cooling of warehouses, production halls

Dostępne wkłady celulozowe

Typ wkładu Wymiary
(wysokość x szerokość x grubość)
509062×82,5×10 cm
509097×88,5×10 cm
7090200x60x15 cm
7090150x60x15 cm
7090100x60x15 cm
7090 200x60x10 cm
7090150x60x10 cm
7090100x60x10 cm

Advantages of cooling cartridges:

  • durability,
  • resistance to external factors,
  • intuitive assembly,
  • easy to clean,
  • compatibility with many cooling devices,