Evaporative air conditioners are effective, durable cooling devices. The air conditioner works by using the vaporization process, i.e. water evaporation. The air goes to the vaporizer through cellulose inserts mounted on three walls of the device. It is then cooled down by 6-12°C and blown out by a solid fan. The air provided by the air conditioner is properly humidified, oxygenated and, importantly, fresh. Depending on the parameters, air conditioners are able to cool an area of up to 350 m2. It is used from small buildings, such as shops, kiosks, small offices to large industrial buildings, production halls or large-scale warehouses.

Evaporators have a solid and durable housing that is resistant to deformation and the effects of external factors, such as weather conditions, UV radiation. In addition, thanks to the use of high-class materials, the air conditioner housing has anti-corrosive properties and is waterproof. The water pump has automatic control of the water system, which significantly reduces the risk of blocking the water supply or blocking the pump. High-quality Kool & Cel cellulose panels are installed in the water walls of the air conditioner, which contain biocides and antibacterial substances in cellulose fibers. In addition, the panels provide high cooling capacity and cleaning and maintenance is very easy.

Advantages of evaporative air conditioners:

  • residual current circuit breaker,
  • CE certificate,
  • thermostat and timer included,
  • stable cooling performance,
  • changing the fan speed,
  • cooling efficiency above 83%,
  • 100% fresh and clean air,
  • long life of the cooling system,
  • reducing the transmission of harmful bacteria,
  • economical and simple installation,
  • high casing strength.

Dostępne modele klimatyzatorów

Model klimatyzeraWydajnośćPowierzchnia chłodzenia
EC 02801300 m3/h20-45 m2
EC 03504420 m3/h50-70 m2
EC 05506460 m3/h80-100 m2
EC 07007990 m3/h130-150 m2
EC 1100D11000 m3/h150-200 m2
EC 180018000 m3/h250-300 m2
EC 250025000 m3/h300-350 m2

Application of air conditioners:

  • public buildings
  • office buildings,
  • schools, universities,
  • restaurants,
  • banks,
  • churches, mosques,
  • residential buildings,
  • workshops,
  • production halls,
  • warehouses,
  • factories,
  • Shopping centre.

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